Jessica James was created from an insatiable curiosity to understand a world of chaos through creativity and self-expression. Jessica James encourages spirit over mind and love over fear in any individual who sees the world differently than the status quo and desires a life of modern day miracles arising from the thoughts, beliefs and actions that are authentic to their spirit. 


Jessica James is the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, it is the kind voice of love gently supporting you and enquiring how you are really feeling. It shows us the truth - we are all creators; we are all powerfully creating the chaos and change; we are making a difference and the work of Jessica James seeks to highlight a beauty in simplifying an often times overwhelming world through connection with ourselves, others and trusting our heart. 



Jessica is my birth name and James is the name of my only brother. We grew up with the same parents in similar environments and yet we are the exact opposite to one another. In my mind, I always saw ‘Jessica’ and ‘James’ as black and white. Much like how my brain wanted to see everything. Living from one extreme to another was exhausting and every time I found a shade of grey in my life, I would feel so peaceful and content. It wasn’t as natural for me to experience, but it was worth growing towards. 


In school I took a lot of art and literature subjects but was certainly not a child prodigy. In fact I remember in grade 11 my art teacher raising an eye brow and asking my why I was back. I’m glad she did because I learned that I needed a fire in my belly to create whole heartedly and she stoked it that day. 


I felt a shift in my body the first time our grade 9 class was taught by an aboriginal artist how to dot paint. The second I picked up the end of a paintbrush, dipped it into the cool paint and pressed it onto my cartridge paper, it is like the whole world connected. I was transfixed. That day I remember creating this insane little picture of some dolphins, swimming in sponged blue and grey waters and precisely adorning stylised indigenous white-out lines. After that moment I was exposed to an Australian artist called Del Kathryn Barton and the love for this art form grew. I wanted to make art like her.

Self-expression has always meant a lot to me but I was highly embarrassed by the work I wanted to create and easily influenced by the unsupportive non-arts teachers who liberally let me know that pursuing a career in the arts was a fast track to a life of hardship and instability. At the time I was broken by this and deeply confused. I wasn’t a child prodigy, therefore no hope even trying right? Wrong. So wrong and I endeavour to give back to the art community by fostering the upcoming generations of the necessity of pursuing their art too. LEARN how to make it work.


Dots were always a hugely influential symbol to me. Along with art, I was passionate about writing and filmmaking too. As a highly sensitive child, I would feel easily overwhelmed by the ambitious perfectionist side of me. A circle is complete and whole, put one at the end of a sentence and the sentence is complete. Put three at the end and there is still more to the story. Put a million together and the question of whether or not something perfect arranged traditionally ‘imperfectly’ could be perfect, was fascinating to me. It gave myself permission to accept whatever flowed onto the paper and question my own beliefs about it. This became the theme for my first few original dot drawings. 


Now at 22 years old, after walking down many different paths, they have all lead back to Rome. I live to create art that inspires questioning. That is complicated and could evoke different things in different people. It often makes me laugh that the complex abstract stippling works have been likened to the designs Sigmund Freud created to understand our unconscious, or eye tests. They have a scientifically deeper meaning to me as the dots represent atoms and clustering them creates different densities of energy that manifest as objects, people and places in our world. But at the smallest possible level, the world is just all the dots that we give meaning and purpose to. 


In the age of using art as meditation, I have also found this to be a driving force behind my work. The practice of a single pen and paper, one colour, just flowing, has brought an incredible peace to my mind.


Sharing the process on Instagram has also allowed me to connect with other artists and find a whole community of people just like me. It’s absolutely incredible and I feel so grateful for everyones support and encouragement. I never intended to share this work, it had initially been a reaction to a break-up that I couldn’t ignore the calling I had back to art. But now we are here and I am so thankful. 


I really hope you enjoy exploring this little evolving world of Jessica James. Be prepared to see a lot of diversity in mediums because at the moment I am simply looking to learn and practice art I love, and connect. If anything I create sparks a question or opinion in you, I would love to hear it. That’s why I do what I do. 


Thank you for your support.

All my love, 


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