• Jessica James

Artist Statement: Ichi

I created, what I see to be the first authentic piece of art in my life ‘Ichi’, after a short-lived but undeniably powerful relationship. The pain I felt after ending our connection over coffee, catalysed me to finally surrender to a perversely begging art shop and just draw.

Everything came out.

Ichi (2018)

I had no hesitation, no questioning, something moved my hand across the page and created the abstract outlines. Swirling and crossing. Expanding and contracting. Then dotting until my hand cramped and went numb, over and over and over again. I remember the words,

‘don’t judge it, it’s perfect, whatever you do, however it looks, it is perfect because of the state you are coming from.

For 3 days straight I worked on this piece. Having never given so much time and attention to my creative process. It felt like balance and serenity had been restored to the world, my world. I went out each afternoon to take walks in nature, call my family and friends, make coffee and feed myself . I was happy.

I would not have even started if I had not felt an excruciating level of pain and destruction to the life I was living and wondered how on earth I would begin a new one without him. Who was I? I was not going to think about it - 'just draw.' For now, just draw.

I never stopped.

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