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How to Find The Next Step (When It Feels Impossible)

I began to realise that we absolutely cannot use reason and logic to make big life decisions

Well, we can... but we might find ourselves suffering in a huge way. Because logic will say, "Stay in this job...continue because you have no real reason to leave... this is known...this is good enough... and who are you to believe you are better than anyone else here to walk away from our admirable daily grind."

I will say to you this, I do not know what your tiny whisper is saying to you. But WE KNOW, when we hear someone say something that is aligned with their heart as opposed to something that is aligned with their fear. I’m telling you that you change the lives of those around you when you choose to follow the heart, because YOU are energetically different. In those moments you are tapping into something bigger than yourself and you are being selfless. Because you are saying, I tried it my human way, I tried it with logic and reason. I tried doing what I thought my family wanted, I tried doing what my friends were doing, I tried doing what I thought would be a good idea and I was met with a myriad of closed doors and a broken spirit. Does this sound familiar? Now what is the next step, when you feel completely lost?

Every single person KNOWS their next step.

They do. If you ask anyone what they do for a living and their eyes glaze over, shoulders slump down, they start fidgeting or avoiding eye contact. You know they have been ignoring the tiny whisper and their soul has been silenced.

You can tell when someone is living a life they love because their whole being lights up when you ask the same question. They get sparkly eyes. And as they talk about their work, you are engaged, enthralled and starting to love that thing they do like it’s your life and your love too.

In one case, the person that denies their purpose is not only shitting on them self, but they are shitting on others too. Because they are denying the world of their gift and this is one of the most fundamental reasons we are here on earth. It has to be. Because lord only knows we have tried every other possible avenue to find meaning and love and it’s not until we are actually LISTENING to ourselves and walking our own path that we TRULY find love, peace, truth and fulfillment. Enter, intuition.

There is a misconception that this path will be lonely

It may at times, but not always and not forever. The belief that going ‘out on your own path’ is something that leads you into the isolated unknown mountain tops never to be seen again by humanity. Not quite. But the kicker is that our surroundings have been curated to challenge us to leave the tribe we started with in order to follow our journey (see Caroline Myss). We are never just born into the perfect environment, around the perfect support, and never have a moment of adversity. We all have to overcome the ‘stay small’ belief, step away from family and friends for a bit. Maybe move away, change workplaces, start a new hobby. We have to change our environments after the recognition that there is something bigger than our bubble.

Those who know this whisper - and it’s my belief that everyone does - it is absolutely your choice to follow it, no one is forcing you to. But the funny thing is, it is your choice but the voice will get louder and louder and louder the more you ignore it. It will get bigger and start to create some chaos in your life, but you STILL have the choice to ignore it. That is why when I hear people’s situations of all these crazy and horrible things happening I can not ever victimise them, I wonder what it is they are ignoring to accept/change or what lessons are staring them right in the face that they need to learn from. The reason could also be neither of these things, I’m simply writing from my experience so far.

So how to practically understand the next step…


Number one thing is to stop everything and get really really still. Chances are that if this is the first time you are doing this, it will feel very uncomfortable and you will have a lot of resistance. But I implore you, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Let go of any thought that says this is unproductive, silly, useless. Those thoughts are trying to keep you ‘safe’ the ego does not want to ponder that maybe it has lead you into a situation so out of alignment with who you are that you need to confront it and go down a different path. It is threatened by this. It’s like you are catching its hand in the cookie jar… it will say anything to paint itself in good light again.

You must detach from any stories it wants to tell you. If you believe them, that is okay, you possible have not suffered enough to become exhausted of their taunting tales. Some of us can change without being completely defeated and at the door step of death. Others need that kind of motivation to wake the fuck up. This has taken a solemn turn and as a generally positive and easy-going person, this is one area that I know you cannot compromise on. You cannot cheat yourself. Integrity and honour are words that have recently made an appearance into my vocabulary in a bigger way. I have gone from saying ‘ I just want to be paid to be creative’ I got that reality. But then something deeper happened,

You will receive whatever guidance you think you are capable of receiving.

This experience is unique to everyone and I cannot say what you will land won’t receive in these moments of divine connection but I ask of you that if you are having trouble believing that there is a force greater than yourself, just remember anytime you have had a crush on someone and ‘wanted to be with them, so much’ and it never happened, that there must be SOMETHING else working alongside you that is not the conscious brain. So what is being suggested is that instead of being afraid or feeling as though this ‘external power is uncontrollable and chaotic’, what if you could work together as a team. Drop the resistance, step into your actual power and say "What next?" What next will be your own voice. It will be something, somewhere in your body, a thought, a feeling, a something. It might not make any sense at all and this is now your challenge. How much do you trust? How willing are you to end the suffering. How willing are you to trust that this thing is exactly what you asked for?

It will drop into your head first, into your crown chakra, and if you choose to accept the inspiration it will proceed down into your body. I know from experience that the whisper will not let up until you follow through on it. Once you know, you cannot unknow. So just be aware of that when you start asking big questions like this. You WILL receive an answer, that I am 100% sure of. The question is really, how are you going to show up to the answer? Do you wish to pursue it?

You do not have to do this by yourself

Once you start this dialogue with yourself, you are not expected to know how it will all unfold. So if you need reassurance, if you need more support, more guidance. ASK. Ask and become aware as you go about your daily life and the signs that pop up. Take notice of what you take notice of, because we all have angels. Talk to them too. I promise you that they will give you the most directly applicable guidance to you than any human, any self-self-help book ,any google search. Go directly to the source, with love and trust, say what next.

I promise you that this practice will get slightly easier in theory, as the steps start to come intuitively to you, however the guidance once you go down this path might only start to get wackier. I find myself saying ‘REALLY?’ Why….’ So often. But yes, the support will come if you ask for it. In the weirdest ways, like someone you stand next to at the traffic lights waiting for them to change (speaking from experience), we are unsure how it will come and when. But that is part of expressing your trust. By saying "I know you will tell me when I need to know and not a second earlier." is trust. Nothing on the external world can harm you. I promise.


Say for example you get the guidance to go to the art store and buy a piece of paper and some pens. You might put it off for a few months but then one day you surrender and go. This is an example of taking action on intuitive guidance. This is the easy part now because you can see it physically. You are trying something new, calling a friend, walking along a path you had never seen before. This is such a fun part of the journey because you realise after all that internal work. It is here, you can see it, you did it together. You took the next step and now watch as things unfold perfectly in front of you.

Keep asking, listening and it will become easier and easier as you step into alignment with your inner and outer world. Things will manifest quicker the more in tune you are with yourself. The world is here FOR YOU, it works for your greater wellbeing.

So go forth and play! Let me know if you find this post helpful. I would love to hear about your intuitive journey and let me know if there are any areas I brushed over that you are curious to learn more about.

All my love.

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