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Practical Advice For Intuition

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

There are very few things I know. Mostly to do with how to be ‘responsible’ and ‘logical.’ Or fit into this mould of being an adult. As I explore new places and talk with new people, I can see I’m not the only one.

This is a common feeling.

But it seems that only a few of us actually understand how to transcend this disparity. It’s more common that we look around and say, well I don’t want to live like THAT…

But how DO you want to live?

Establishing an answer to that question could be step 2, and step 3 would be actually doing the thing you want. For some that comes really easily, they know what they want and they just go and get it. Piece of cake. But for others, it’s not as simple.

We all have influences in our lives, influences which have opinions that probably..most definitely… differ from our own. So… what do you do? Well for one, you could always feel stuck and never do anything about it. Committing to a job, relationship and way of life that make you feel like a sack of shit. But who would that serve? Nobody. Except maybe soothe your parent’s worries because they know your predictable stable lifestyle and you can all just drag yourselves through thigh-deep mud to your celebratory deaths because let’s be honest… It will feel better than your life. But wow, let’s just take a step back for a second because that got very dark very quickly and I feel like you’re not one of those people.

If you’re reading this, you’re like me and can see some greener grass over there without any fences or bombs on it and you’re thinking… wait? I can play on it? No jokes… what’s the catch? I must figure something out first right..?

Let’s navigate this together.

We are children of the ‘break the mold’ ‘the world is your oyster’ ‘law of attraction’ phenomenons. Doors are wide open that we are all standing there looking them, wondering why the fuck everyone else is choosing to walk straight past them – the herd mentality. Guys… can no one else see this? If we just walk through this door we can live the life we want and do what we want.. Why is NO ONE GOING THROUGH IT?

I believe part of this reason is the large majority of our workforce is humans aged 35-60 and they grew up being educated that you needed to go to university to secure a job for yourself. Work is a way to make money so that you have the freedom to go on holidays where you want. So you can live in a nice house, have lots of nice comforts, some nice kids. I mean that all sounds super nice... But now we are getting this message that material things are not worth a pretty penny in their life satisfaction value.

It’s almost like our life track model has a massive pit hole about 30% along. We are still getting the ‘uni’ ‘full-time job’ ’hustle’ messages… but now they are competing with, ‘find balance, follow what you love’ messages, and there isn’t so many clear tracks for that advice.

When thought leaders try and quantify how it looks to follow these new messages, the crux of it really ends up reading follow your intuition.

Now I don’t know about you, but I do some weird shit when I follow my intuition. Granted it has lead me to some pretty epic opportunities and places in the world… but I think we could be sending out some more practical messages around understanding heart guidance (intuition) over logical progression steps. Such as spending time watching others with INTENTION to feel what makes you JEALOUS when you’re feeling stuck. Find people that get you really red with passion and that you want to know everything about how to do what they do.

Let me break this down. Because I would absolutely love to speak from experience and I sincerely hope that your avenue has a fuck fewer sideroads coming off it, but I have about 7 career paths that I envy.

Ego says they all look great, intuition says ‘give it time if you don’t already feel a strong calling wait till you do.’ Greeeeat. So I’ll just keep bubbling along until things pop into my existence that I have absolutely no choice but to say yes to. And that’s life. It’s really that simple.

The thing is that we have been brought up in this culture of thinking our life should look something like a movie, with big climaxes, explosions, hot and heavy love scenes and frankly, the majority of it is composed of the simple pleasures but it’s harder to sell tickets to a movie of someone enjoying a sunrise and cup of tea (unless it’s starring George Clooney…hey).

What I do want to say is that everything does happen for a reason when you really step into your body and observe your life in full attention mode, that’s where the magic happens. Only by experiencing life with all our senses, I believe we are capable of better understanding the magical process of it all and when it takes us away from the stereotypical path, it just feels normal to us. We aren’t making a conscious effort to do things differently, in fact, it doesn’t feel like we have a choice. We are just doing our life how we need to and that’s when we step through these opportunistic doors and start to play on the greener grass without even being consciously aware of it.

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