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You don’t have time - and that’s why I’m writing this.

You don’t have time - and that’s why I’m writing this.

I’m scared that the biggest reaction I get from people when they look at my art, is the admiration of patience and focus that I must have.

I’m scared that they don’t know they have it too.

We live in a very confusing time in history. A time where a lot of the way we used to live has changed, even from 10 years ago. We have access to infinitely large amounts of information and more and more is added everyday.

It's distressing to contemplate that we can go our whole lives consuming and consuming. Information, food, entertainment and most terrifyingly other peoples experiences and not our own. We are more likely to live vicariously through the lives of others and our screens, than actually take risks of our own in the big wide world. We can do that now.

I’m sure you know it. The sinking feeling we get looking at the lives of others and neglecting to take the time and attention to nurture our own.

Every time we reach for a device to distract us, we choose fear. We say to ourselves, this is too hard, I need to switch off and forget. Not making the big decisions we need to is crippling. Because as I’m sure you’ve heard, not making a choice is making a choice too and it is painful.

The more time we spend ingesting the advice, experiences and work of others, the less time we have to develop our own. I don’t want you to feel discouraged and compare yourself to what you see online. I want you to feel as though what you do and who you are matters. BECAUSE YOU DO. I want you to feel like you are here, in this budding beauty of infinite potential life trip, and that your dreams matter.

Art has taught me patience, how to focus on something for long period of time. The magic of compounded actions. Those who go to the gym or have healthy eating habits also understand this.

You don’t do it once, you don’t do it all the time. But skew your actions towards more of what you want and less of what you don’t want, and life seems to give back to you in bucketloads.

Every time you want to reach for a distraction, I challenge you to spend 5 minutes with a problem or something you keep pushing away for another day. Just 5 minutes looking at it square in the face. You will move mountains with that energy even if you don't see any physical changes in that moment. Every time, 5 minutes. Then maybe 10min, see how your internal and external world starts to shift towards a more fulfilling and extraordinary life.

All my love,


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