• Jessica James

Your Artist: For Creation

*this is my response to the connection with source/the universe/God/a higher power*

This is a new world.

A world being seen with awakened eyes.

Bringing our hands forward for work.

Dropping to our knees and declaring a sacrifice to creation.

We have faith in the strength of the workings of this world.

A whole new experience I would never have expected.

A whole new person in a whole new world.

Growing and changing before you.

Being shaped and moulded into more of the person you ask me to become.

Words seem to fall short of the deep warmth that a world of creativity brings in me.

Your artist.

May I be your mixer of paints, drawers of pens.

May I drop to my knees and service you.

May I do it being me.

The way you ask of it through me.

May we walk each day up to our crowns in the most divine guidance from you.

May we see the dots connecting.

May we see the earth growing in strength when it feels like she is burning to death.

May we see how she is evolving and how this is your magic at work.

May we have trust in your ways.

May I be a source of love and strength for those around me.

An energy that bubbles from knowing you.

I pray.

I pray that my work is for you.

I pray that I am in my deepest most divinely aligned life.

That I may have the courage to step up when needed.

Step forwards and face the facades of fear.

They are not needed here.

We need not look at them too closely.

Oh these? We can walk forwards through them.

May I hold you even closer when doubt ensues.

For your heart is stronger than all.

Greater than this mind will ever be.

May I come to know that even deeper.

May I drop to my knees for you.

May you continue to equip me with my coloured offerings of love.

I cried so much thinking this was all wrong.

You knew where I was going.

You lit a path of sense before me.

Weaved a route of magic I never could have expected.

I thank you. Endlessly. In every blinking breath.

I want to pour love to you endlessly, forever.

Raging torrents of gratitude and humility of the life you give me.

Thank you. Thank you.

I wish to be the very best creator you know me to be.

In this new world.

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